Stupid Wizards Actual People is Now On Patreon

Head over to our Patreon where for 5 dollars a month you can join the "Monster Hunter" club and get access to our bonus content. This includes bonus one-shot content, our talk show about the show titled "SWAP Meet", as well as much much more coming in the near future.

Monster Hunters Club Bonus Content Includes

The Logo for SWAP Meet


Our show behind the show. Each Meet we discuss the episode that just aired as well as conversations about anything we feel like. These include how we play Dungeons and Dragons, our favorite food, and sex toys.

The SWAP logo for our raw and unedited content over on our patreon

SWAP Raw & Unedited

Listen to the unedited versions of our episodes. Hear the content that was left on the cutting room floor.

The SWAP one shots logo for bonus content available on our patreon.

Bonus One-Shot's

Our bonus one-shots include a Halloween horror special set in the dread system and our pilot recordings where we play high schoolers trying to solve a murder.