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Season 1 - Alaria is streaming now!

Stupid Wizards is an Actual Play Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Join in every other Monday where Drew Burton, Derek Dix, Josh Matney, and Elizabeth Rein work through some of tabletop roleplaying's hardest challenges such as the reproductive systems of butterflies, where and where not to park your horse, and the intricacies of dog adoption in the nation of Alaria. Stupid Wizards Actual People is an improv roleplaying podcast currently playing a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition campaign.

A great tragedy has struck the Church of Selûne in the city of Trask and "renowned" monster hunters Kellen (Josh Matney) and Vincent (Derek Dix) Greybane have been given the job of solving the case of the midnight massacre. They are aided in their investigation by the mysterious life-like Warforged, Willow (Elizabeth Rein), who has deep connections to the Church of Selûne. Our Dungeon Master Drew Burton leads and corrals this gang of gumshoes as they work their way through the nation of Alaria in search of answers.

Meet The Stupid Wizards

Willow the Warforged Echo Knight Fighter from Stupid Wizards
Willow the Warforged

This intricately designed warforged has lost all her memories and is on a journey to get them back. With deep ties to the Church of Selune, she has joined the Greybane brothers to navigate this world and piece her mind together.

Kellen Greybane a Warlock in Stupid Wizards
Kellen Greybane

Kel is the older brother of Vincent. He's a former adventurer of the Brayfall Vanguard and now he hunts down creatures as a monster hunter with his brother and Willow. Oh, and he's also carrying a secret inside him that likes to murder any problems that stand in his way.

Vincent Greybane a Swashbuckling Rogue in Stupid Wizards
Vincent Greybane

Vin is the younger of the two Greybane brothers. Known for his drinking and gambling, he spent a few years as a "privateer" on the Sea Wraith, the most feared ship in Reshala port. After tragedy struck one of the crew members, Vin gave up his pirate lifestyle to create a monster hunting business with his brother.

Artwork by Valkyray

Meet The Actual People

Drew Burton -

A walking Dungeons & Dragons encyclopedia, Drew is currently the Dungeon Master for Season 1 of SWAP. Drew has been playing TTRPGs since 2008 when he started as a player in Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition. A few years later, Drew DM'ed his first campaign in 3.5 with Josh as a player. Creating the nation of Alaria for our players to adventure through, Drew plays all of the non-player characters and monsters and oversees the story and plot behind the scenes.

Derek Dix -

Currently playing Vincent Greybane, Derek began his journey into TTRPGs in 2013 within the 4th edition system of Dungeons and Dragons. Known for talking to every NPC, Derek enjoys the improv and roleplaying aspects of TTRPGs and has played in multiple campaigns over his decade of tabletop gaming.

Josh Matney -

Currently playing Kellen Greybane, Josh started playing TTRPGs a little more than a decade ago. Josh started his journey with the 3.5 edition around 2010 as a player in a campaign with Drew as the DM. Josh fell in love with TTRPGs when he played through a homebrew Pokemon campaign wherein he had a session go on for 12 hours. Josh has had experiences in many different game systems and campaigns as a player and game master alike.

Elizabeth Rein -

Currently playing Willow the Warforged, Elizabeth is a Diversity hire.